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About me

Hi! My name is Alisa Maxime, a fashion illustrator, contemporary artist and fashion lover.


My work includes custom portraits, fashion illustrations, lookbooks and live sketching at events. 


I am located in sunny Austin, Texas. I love this beautiful green city with its many interesting places, friendly atmosphere and lovely open people. I am so lucky to be here, because being creative, unique and artistic is especially warmly welcomed in Austin. 


Before moving to the US, I lived in Paris, France for 5 years from 2013. It was a life changing experience for me. It gave me wings and helped to believe in miracles! Paris itself is the definition of magic, art, style, and of course - fashion.


My first venture to fashion illustration happened when I saw a group of models rushing to Dior show in Tuileries Garden during Paris Fashion Week. I instantly sketched this situation, while sitting in the garden in one of the famous green chairs, surrounded by old marble monuments. After I finished, however, I was still feeling a tremendous surge of strength inside and an inexhaustible source of inspiration! So I sketched the entire Dior collection in one breath! Fashion sketching was definitely love at first sight for me!

Since then I’ve been constantly studying new techniques in drawing, sketching and graphic design.This knowledge perfectly complemented what I learned during a 6-year study of Fine Art in my youth.

I’ve learned from the best in the industry and have developed my own individual fashion illustration style: emotional, brave, bright and sophisticated.

I do commission work and live sketching at fashion shows, and events of all kinds for clients including fashion/beauty companies, designers and magazines. Please feel free to contact me for any details. I am always open to hearing about new projects. I would be so happy to work with you!

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