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Custom greeting cards

Personal greeting cards with all the members of your family featured on the front. It’s so nice  both to send and receive such personalized cards! It’s not just your regular card from a shop but something meaningful - and something to treasure for years to come!

To order your greeting cards, please contact me for pricing and details.

How it works: 


  • You send me photos of all your family members (not necessary all together).

  • I make a bright illustration with a Christmas background. 

  • You can add your family’s last name or first names of all family members.

  • You receive the original custom portrait in the mail as well as the high res files to your email to print your custom holiday cards ( there is an option to print them myself if you’d prefer).

  • (I print the cards for you ( there is an option to print them yourself if you’d prefer).

  • You will receive as many greeting cards as you want.

  • You send your personalized cards to all your friends to feel them with Christmas cheer! 


These cards can also be done for any other occasion. (e.g. ‘Save the date’ or ‘The more the better’ cards.)

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