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Help for Ukraine

Every day Ukrainians die from the Russian invasion. All over the country and in my hometown - Kharkiv.

I donate part of the proceeds from this shop and 100% of the donations to the Ukrainian volunteers. Together we buy medical supplies and humanitarian help for the people in need in the war zone.

International help and individual volunteer movement is unfortunately the only way through this crisis for Ukraine. You can help by making a purchase or donating directly.


Personal exhibition in Galeston, TX @Proletariat gallery

We managed to draw a lot of attention to the situation in Ukraine. People came up to me and asked about my friends and relatives, about ordinary people of Ukraine, about people of my native Kharkiv. 💔

I saw empathy and pain in their eyes, I saw tears. Everyone is supportive and wants to help. I thank God that I was lucky enough to meet so many good people that evening!❤️

The exhibition will run until June 2nd.

My dear American friends, I will be very glad if you manage to come to Proletariat art gallery in beautiful Galveston to the exhibition and take a look at my artwork.


Medical supplies for Mykolaiv and Dnipro

Through this page and people I know personally, I am raising funds in the US and communicating with doctors in Ukraine to deliver targeted help to Ukrainian hospitals. For this shipment, we were able to gather 1150USD (around 34000UAH) and buy medical supplies in Lutsk, Ukraine.  


We connected with the Hangar volunteer organization that helped us to send the supplies to Mykolaiv war hospital, and Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro.


The doctors are extremely grateful and put the names of our donors from Austin, TX in their thank you message.


Thank you very much, Chet, Liz, Ted, Shelly, David, Samantha, and Dion for your generosity!