About me

Alisa Maxime

Alisa Maxime is a Ukrainian contemporary artist and fashion illustrator. Her work includes custom portraits, fashion illustrations, oil paintings, and live sketching at events.


She was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Alisa has been a professional artist since 2008 and had her paintings exhibited in many countries around Europe and the US. In 2018 she moved to Austin, Texas, where she lives now with her family.

Alisa’s works have very distinctive individual styles: emotional, brave, bright, and sophisticated. The main theme of her art portrays women who are thoughtful, heroic, always fashionable, and full of passion for life.

Her latest collection is inspired by tragic events in Ukraine and is featuring deep grief along with feminine beauty, hope, and strength. It exposes pure and powerful emotions the artist feels for her home, close ones, and all Ukrainians fighting and suffering for their freedom. 

Like many Ukrainians and their supporters, Alisa participates in the volunteer movement, raising funds to help Ukraine. 20% of the proceeds from the merchandise on this site are being donated to Ukrainian volunteer organizations.

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