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Custom fashion illustration

I’d love to work with you to create your custom fashion illustration dream!

To order a custom portrait, or illustrations for business or personal use, please contact me for pricing and details.

Big (size 11*14 in) detailed watercolor illustration with its digital version in high quality. Bigger sizes are available too!

The main materials for the work are watercolor, ink, pastel, and watercolor pencils, which, together with detailed digital refinement, allowing the illustrations to be printed in any size and on any material.

Live fashion sketch

Quick live sketching of your guests during the event on readymade templates, designed specifically for the event. Each fashion portrait only takes about 5-10 minutes and can be given to your guests during the event. This action creates a unique live experience that everyone will be talking about! For bookings, availability, and inquiries for your next event please contact me.

Live Fashion Sketching

How it works:

  • A guest comes to me and I take a picture of them.

  • They carry on partying.

  • The sketches are ready after about 10-15 min for each guest.

  • It’s always a lot of fun for the guests! :)                   

I am available for Live Fashion Sketching at fashion shows, in-store events, blogger parties, PR launches, internal team-training events, Christmas and Birthday parties, wedding receptions, sit-down dinners, charity galas, and all your other fashion illustration needs! 

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