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Live fashion sketch

Quick live sketching of your guests during the event on readymade templates, designed specifically for the event. Each fashion portrait only takes about 5-10 minutes and can be given to your guests during the event. This action creates a unique live experience which everyone will be talking about!

Event Sketch Artist

For bookings, availability and inquiries for your next event please contact me.

How it works:

  • A guest comes to me and I take a picture of them.

  • They carry on partying.

  • The sketches are ready after about 10-15 min for each guest.

  • It’s always a lot of fun for the guests! :)                   

I am available for Live Fashion Sketching at fashion shows, in-store events, blogger parties, PR launches, internal team-training events, Christmas and Birthday parties, wedding receptions, sit-down dinners, charity galas, and all your other fashion illustration needs! 

Please take a look at some photos from my latest events.

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