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Shop Event at T-Mobile Southlake

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Alisa Maxime Studio was thrilled to bring Live Fashion Sketching to the T-Mobile Southlake shop event on November 12, 2023. This corporate gathering was made even more engaging with our artistic flair.




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November 12, 2023




T-mobile Southlake

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Corporate event

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Shop Event at T-Mobile Southlake

During the 3-hour event, Alisa brought a personal touch to the bustling atmosphere of the T-Mobile store, situated at 1465 Main Street in Southlake, TX. Guests had the pleasure of witnessing art in action as they were sketched in Alisa's signature style, creating a buzz of excitement and a unique shopping experience.

The venue at T-Mobile Southlake provided a modern and vibrant setting for the sketches, allowing technology and art to merge in a memorable way. Alisa's presence added an unexpected and delightful twist to the corporate event, making it stand out.

Vanessa's foresight in booking the Live Fashion Sketching service 11 days in advance proved impeccable, enabling us to tailor the experience to fit the theme and energy of the T-Mobile brand. For Dallas area events, we recommend securing our services well ahead of time to ensure a custom fit for your corporate needs.

Are you planning a corporate event in Dallas and want to incorporate a unique and interactive element? Alisa Maxime Studio's Live Fashion Sketching is the perfect solution. Contact us for a personalized quote and let us add an artistic touch to your next event.

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