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Wedding of Kady and Conner in New Orleans, LA

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In the charming city of New Orleans, on February 23, 2024, Alisa Maxime Studio had the privilege of being part of Kady and Conner's wedding celebration at Southern Oaks. Kady Knox, the bride, opted for Live Fashion Sketching to capture the magic of her special day, and our artist Olga was there to bring this vision to life.




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New Orleans


February 23, 2024




Southern Oaks

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Wedding of Kady and Conner in New Orleans, LA

Attended by 150 guests, the wedding was a beautiful fusion of Southern charm and elegance. Olga's artistic presence for four hours provided a unique entertainment feature, offering guests a personal and stylish memento of the occasion through her live sketches

The enchanting Southern Oaks, nestled in the heart of New Orleans, provided a picturesque backdrop for the nuptials. The venue's grandeur and the city's vibrant culture enhanced Olga's artistic process, as she skillfully captured the beauty and emotion of the day in her artwork.

Kady's foresight in booking our services well in advance ensured that Olga could be a seamless part of their wedding experience. For those planning a wedding in the bustling city of New Orleans, we recommend securing our Live Fashion Sketching services early to add a distinctive touch to your celebration.

Are you dreaming of a wedding in New Orleans with a creative twist? Alisa Maxime Studio's Live Fashion Sketching is an exquisite choice to commemorate your day. Reach out to us for a personalized quote and let us add an element of artful elegance to your matrimonial memories.

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