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Personal exhibition in Galveston, TX @Proletariat gallery

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This exhibition was absolutely incredible!

It is impossible to put into words the emotions I experienced that evening. Happiness, joy, and endless gratitude to all those who came to the exhibition and shared their gladness with me. I would like to say a big thank you to my dear friend Becky Major, without her none of this would have happened.

It was nice to realize that people understand that my art is not only about fashion and beautiful people but it’s first of all about emotions, expression, and feelings. Oh, what a great pleasure it is to be understood!

I have not exhibited for a long time and almost forgot how great it is. I am very glad that in spite of all my concerns related to the feelings about the war in my country, I nevertheless decided to make this exhibition.

It's so good that it was right now. We managed to draw a lot of attention to the situation in Ukraine. People came up to me and asked about my friends and relatives, about ordinary people of Ukraine, about people of my native Kharkiv.

I saw empathy and pain in their eyes, I saw tears. Everyone is supportive and wants to help. I thank God that I was lucky enough to meet so many good people that evening!

The exhibition will run until June 2nd, 2022.

My dear American friends, I will be very glad if you manage to come to the Proletariat art gallery in beautiful Galveston, TX for the exhibition and take a look at my artwork. I chatted about my work with Jim Bratton on his art podcast. Listen here if you want to find out more!

All the proceeds from Ukrainian collection will be donated to support volunteer movement in Ukraine in fight against russian invasion.


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